Estate Administration

When you’ve lost a loved one you’ve already been dealing with a lot of stress and emotion. We are here to help you through the process of estate administration, because, unfortunately, that process
it isn’t always easy.

We work with clients to prepare:


  • Probate Petitions to the Surrogate’s Court for Letters Testamentary

  • Administration Petitions to the Surrogate’s Court for Letters of Administration

  • Affidavits for Small Estates

  • Affidavits to Financial Institutions to Retrieve Small Accounts

  • Petitions to Open Safe Deposit Boxes

As well as:

  • Resolve Creditors’ Claims

  • Retrieve Unclaimed Funds

  • Distribute to Beneficiaries

  • Prepare Accountings

In many cases, these processes may not even be necessary (i.e., if there are joint owners and/or beneficiaries on all assets).

Give us a call to assess whether Probate/Administration is needed.

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